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Stripe steel
Steel sheet pile

Tianzhu has one hot-rolled  H-beam production line, the medium and small steel production capacity is 1.2 million tons, which ranks the second in Hebei Province, “Tianzhu”  H-beamis a famous brand in Hebei Province, and free of inspection when it is exported.

Tianzhu has two hot-rolled stripe steel production lines, with the production capacity

of 2.8 million tons, the stripe steel was honored as “Chinese stripe steel leading brand in 2018”, and has been cultivated as “Hebei’s well-known brand”.

Tianzhu cooperates with Northeastern University to break blockade on new techniques,has developed steel sheet pile series product successfully, realizing batch production.

Green and environmental protection
public welfare
Cultural life

Tianzhu Group promotes

improvement of greening inside and outside of plant with greening rate nearly 70% and the group having invested over 3 billion Yuan to control environmental protection and nearly 1 billion Yuan to develop circular economy. The index is higher than the national standard and super-low emission is achieved.

Tianzhu Group is devoted to public welfare undertaking, bears social responsibility, actively responds to national call and develops a series of public welfare activities, including targeted poverty alleviation, donation and student assistant, construction of beautiful new rural, preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs, respect the old and love the children and disaster relief based on the idea of “creating green wealth and performing social responsibility”.

Tianzhu Group pays attention to inheriting the fine national traditions, integrates charitable love and employees caring into the beliefs of enterprises. It has organized rich and colorful sports activities to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, which makes them have a strong sense of belonging and pride for the enterprise and have the faith for the bright future.

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